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Run complex operations with AI instead of Excel

Increasing volatility, complex supply chains and growing data volumes require a better approach than manual analysis in Excel and a good gut feeling: Paretos AI is the leading forecasting and optimization technology for businesses.

Leading businesses already use paretos

Identifying optimal solutions faster

With paretos, optimization measures and future scenarios can be determined more efficiently, quickly, and scalably than with conventional market tools. Our user-friendly decision-intelligence software identifies untapped potential and helps your teams optimize decisions without prior knowledge or the expertise of data science specialists.

3.5 M
savings in transportation
and logistics costs
+40 %
higher accuracy
in demand forecasting
10 x
productivity increase
in planning processes
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"With innovative AI solutions such as paretos, we optimize the forecasting processes along the Otto Group supply chains and use AI-based recommendations for actions to improve the customer experience."

Dr. Malte Meistering
Division Head Supply Chain Excellence
Otto Group

How to Optimize Your Supply Chain

Demand Forecasting

Increase planning reliability by over 40 % with AI-powered demand and inventory forecasting.

Replenishment Planning

Demand-oriented article disposition for consumer goods in retail and e-commerce based on precise demand forecasts.


Significantly improve inventory and workforce allocation within the company using AI, and reduce assortment issues.


Discover the most popular use cases, industry insights and resources for companies in Retail, CPG and FMCG.

Logistics and

Our AI helps companies in Logistics and Manufacturing to streamline processes along the value chain.

Additional Use Cases

Discover more application areas for paretos AI - with specific industry examples and new ideas for your business.

Leading AI Technology Made in Germany

With paretos we have set out to provide businesses with similar technologies as OpenAI, but developed in Germany, ensuring data security and protection. Our software surpasses leading machine learning methods and is built upon a patented optimization approach.

Improved outcomes

The heart of our software, the innovative optimization algorithm "Socrates," is 65% more efficient than leading AI solutions.

Headache-free software

Forget about complex AI applications: Our user-friendly platform can be operated by your teams even without data expertise.

Patented approach

With our unique approach to multi-criteria optimization, you can identify trade-offs between different scenarios and objectives.

Seamless integration

Paretos can be integrated with all common data sources and leverage external data points for optimal recommendations.

Highest data security

We anonymize your company data in compliance with GDPR regulations and exclusively utilize data centers located in Frankfurt am Main.

Tailored services

Our experts will guide you through a fast onboarding process tailored perfectly to your specific challenges.

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Customer Stories

Learn from our customers how they transform data into profit and establish more efficient processes with the help of paretos AI.

Leading parcel delivery company

+10% precision in package volume forecasting

Decision Intelligence is the leading AI trend for businesses

"The global market for Decision Intelligence is projected to reach $22.7 billion by 2027, with paretos being a key market player."
"By the end of 2023, over 33% of large organizations will be utilizing Decision Intelligence, including Decision Modeling."
"Paretos is a member of Leaders of Climate Action, aiming to benefit from and actively shape the climate community."

The ultimate Decision Intelligence Guide

Discover how you can uncover untapped business potentials and achieve better business results with AI-based decision-making. Download our free guide for businesses now!

In den News

"With the AI from paretos, there is no need for an internal data team […]. The software user interface is very self-explanatory."

Robin Schuster

"Paretos approaches the project with a highly dedicated team! Very dynamic, goal-oriented, and a implementation-focused solution."

Markus Piontek

"With the five scoring categories, we have a constant overview of the efficiency and effectiveness of our data quality."

Enrico Ferro

„Mit den 5 Scoring-Kategorien haben wir jederzeit den Überblick über die Effizienz und Effektivität der Datenqualität.“

Enrico Ferro

„Paretos geht mit einem sehr engagierten Team in das Projekt! Sehr dynamisch, ziel- und umsetzungsorientiert.“

Markus Piontek

„Mit paretos braucht man kein internes Datenteam […]. Das User Interface ist sehr selbsterklärend.“

Robin Schuster
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