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Decision Intelligence:
Transform your team and organization with AI-driven decision-making

The must-read for leaders along the value chain. Understand decision intelligence, drive innovation and successfully transform teams.

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The book on Decision Intelligence

Thorsten Heilig and Ilhan Scheer, with support from US publisher John Wiley & Sons, examine the importance of psychological safety, team dynamics, and Pareto's second major theory in decision-making. Simultaneously, the role of technology, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and the significance of behavioral sciences for decision intelligence are discussed.

Through a combination of case studies, real-life examples, and expert advice, leaders are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to enable teams and businesses to make better decisions - even in the most difficult conditions.

Understand and classify Decision Intelligence
Promote growth, innovation, and long-term success
Transform teams into data and decision-centric units

Use Cases and Practical Examples

The book links practical use cases along the supply chain, such as demand forecasting or replenishment planning, with real examples from various industries and simultaneously identifies opportunities and challenges for organizations and teams.

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The idea behind the book

A comprehensive guide for leaders, brought together by the expertise and experience of Thorsten Heilig and Ilhan Scheer in decision intelligence, by drawing from various focal points in psychological safety, team dynamics, data science, technology, and Pareto-optimal optimization. The goal is to enable leaders and businesses to make better decisions, despite unimaginable uncertainties and challenges.

About the authors

Thorsten Heilig

CEO & Co-Founder at paretos
Thorsten is fascinated by how modern technologies can accelerate business growth and manage agile transformations. As a co-founder of various companies, a systemic management coach, and in his role as COO at moovel/REACH NOW, he has explored new methods and technologies that practically anyone can use. As the CEO & Co-Founder of paretos, he is one of the leading catalysts for Decision Intelligence.

Ilhan Scheer

Managing Director at Accenture
Blending tech innovation with human-centric insights, Ilhan Scheer stands as the Global Lead for AEH Product at Accenture. A Harvard Business School alumnus, his entrepreneurial drive led to the creation of fable+, which seamlessly integrated into Accenture. This journey underscores his vision of harmonizing Decision Intelligence with organizational health and psychological safety.

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A must for today's leaders
Solid decisions require reflection and innovation. Can data in its cold precision truly illuminate where we are headed in the future? Perhaps not.

Decision Intelligence combines human intuition and artificial intelligence for strategic and operational planning in businesses and allows a significant competitive advantage in uncertainty and complexity.
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"This book perfectly captures an important perspective on the most rapid Industrial Revolution to date, bearing both opportunities and profound responsibilities, not solely upon technologists, but shared among entrepreneurs, leaders, and experts across every discipline."

Jonas Andrulis
Founder & CEO
Aleph Alpha

The next evolution for businesses

Data analytics and business intelligence can't keep up with the new reality. Businesses today must gain actionable, relevant insights to make better decisions in complexity and dynamics. In the coming years, decision intelligence will be one of the most important topics for businesses.

Decision Intelligence can be deployed along the entire supply chain - from raw materials, suppliers, manufacturing, logistics right up to retail and end consumers. Depending on the application area, various use cases are available, which are presented in the book using real examples.

4R approach as a foundation for success

The four Rs – Rhythm, Reflection, Rigor and Recovery – are guiding principles for creating a successful DI organization. By focusing on these key areas and integrating concepts such as agility, DevOps and Gung Ho, businesses can foster a data-driven, decision intelligence-focused culture that supports innovation, adaptability and long-term success, forming the basis of a DI organization.

"The AI hype perfectly captured, easy to understand, de-mystified and mapped to clear use cases - a must-read for today's managers."

Dr. Daniela Gerd tom Markotten
Chairwoman for Digitalization and Technology
Deutsche Bahn AG

"In Decision Intelligence, Thorsten Heilig and Ilhan Scheer build a compelling case for the world of tomorrow’s version of decision-making."

Martin Lindstrom
New York Times best-selling author
Lindstrom Company
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