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Understanding the benefits of Decision Intelligence
Practical examples from various industries
Opportunities and benefits at a glance

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Leading companies are already generating measurable added value along the supply chain and using decision intelligence to secure an important competitive advantage in a world of increasing complexity and uncertainty.

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Benefits of AI-supported decisions

With the help of Decision Intelligence, you can effectively manage complex decision-making processes, reduce the risk of unforeseen events, and improve decision-making.

Opportunities for businesses

Learn how to strategically and sustainably leverage your data to make optimal decisions for your business goals at any time. With Decision Intelligence, decision-making becomes scalable.

Implementation of Decision Intelligence

In the guide, you will find more information about common application strategies, who Decision Intelligence is the right tool for, and how to successfully establish AI-based decision-making processes in your company.

Become an industry leader in the age of AI.

Percentage of large enterprises where decision makers will be working with Decision Intelligence by 2023, according to market researcher Gartner.
Percentage of cost reduction in data quality and data management through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence by 2023.

"With innovative AI solutions such as paretos, we optimize the forecasting processes along the Otto Group supply chains and use AI-based recommendations for actions to improve the customer experience."

Dr. Malte Meistering
Division Head Supply Chain Excellence
Otto Group