Product Overview

AI power for better decisions

Our cloud-based decision intelligence platform makes
 complex data analysis as easily accessible as an email program.

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Developed for maximum business value

3.5 M

Cost savings

Starting from year one, customers achieve significant savings in their transportation and logistics costs.

+15 %

higher accuracy

Innovative demand forecasting allows for aligned demand and inventory, and saved resources.

10 x

increase in productivity

Reduce countless hours of manual planning processes and Excel calculations.

65 %

more efficient and effective

Our innovative optimization algorithm is 65% more efficient than leading AI solutions.

1 hour

instead of one week

Plan replenishments within one hour and never miss out on potential sales again.

~10 weeks

until the first results

Our customers achieve measurable results quickly, even with complex projects.

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Global Key Market Player

MarketsandMarkets™ recognizes paretos as one of the global key market players in the field of Decision Intelligence. By 2027, the market is projected to reach a size of $22.7 billion.

Seamless integration, automated success

Paretos can be connected to a variety of data sources through modern interfaces, reducing critical risk factors in data exchange.

Deep Tech under the hood

Our innovative algorithm specializes in complex challenges and utilizes similar technologies as OpenAI, but it is developed in Germany and accordingly protected with data privacy measures.

Fast track to value creation

Together, we will identify relevant KPIs, data, and touchpoints on the path to individualized and automated predictions or optimizations. Our experts will be there to support you every step of the way.

Optimal onboarding

We are experts in complex processes. Our team supports your for a smooth onboarding, setup, and handover of your projects. First results are in sight!

Application in practice

Forecasts and optimizations of our AI are being deployed operationally. Success measurement, benchmarking, and monitoring are carried out continuously.

Scaling together

Together, we will identify further potentials within your company and design a concrete plan for additional departments, locations, and countries.

"As a local supplier to the gastronomy industry, we place great emphasis on high-quality standards and resource conservation. With the paretos AI, we are now able to efficiently order only the quantities that are truly in demand."

Maximilian Rampf
Früchtegroßhandel Wunderlich

"With the AI from paretos, there is no need for an internal data team […]. The software user interface is very self-explanatory."

Robin Schuster

"Paretos approaches the project with a highly dedicated team! Very dynamic, goal-oriented, and a implementation-focused solution."

Markus Piontek

"With the five scoring categories, we have a constant overview of the efficiency and effectiveness of our data quality."

Enrico Ferro

„Mit den 5 Scoring-Kategorien haben wir jederzeit den Überblick über die Effizienz und Effektivität der Datenqualität.“

Enrico Ferro

„Paretos geht mit einem sehr engagierten Team in das Projekt! Sehr dynamisch, ziel- und umsetzungsorientiert.“

Markus Piontek

„Mit paretos braucht man kein internes Datenteam […]. Das User Interface ist sehr selbsterklärend.“

Robin Schuster
Royal Horsemen

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