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Precise Forecasts + Effective Optimization = Good Decisions

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One model for all complex business decisions

Complex predictions in dynamic markets using just one model? Fully automated item allocation for supermarket chains, and optimized warehouse planning and reordering for retail supply chains, right out of the box?

Paretos has released a groundbreaking meta model for business decisions. Where ChatGPT falls short, we have published a breakthrough in the field of Forecasting and Recommendation AI after several years of development.

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Technology has no self fulfilling prophecy

Our technology is built to fit perfectly with your business processes, ensuring high and smooth adoption. Due to the use of smart picking from various technologies (from statistics to advanced machine learning), paretos can ensure flexibility without extensive configuration work.

Precise forecasts for your business right ouf of the box

There is not one optimal model for all different kinds of time series. It depends on many factors. This does not only differ from department to department but also within one dataset in the different subgroups of data. The key is diversity: Combining and picking different models to generate a good forecast boosts performance.

Some models learn better seasonality while others are better at handling action days. With paretos, you don’t need to worry about having the wrong model in place. Our AI software takes care of all the details, monitors continuously, and adapts dynamically to your needs.

Digital Twin for decision transparency and results

A good forecast is only the first step toward better decision-making. It enables the creation of a digital twin for challenges where decisions are required.

For the majority of use cases, our software offers easy-to-use standard templates. Simply configure your specific business characteristics within the software. More complex custom business challenges beyond our standard workflows can also be mapped in the product.

World-class Multi-Objective Optimization (MMO)

Problems can be solved in many different ways. Some of them are better than others. The bad news is: The number of options grows exponentially with the number of inputs. What's even worse: Once you have more than one target, it gets even harder to find a solution that strikes the best balance between stakeholder needs, company tactics, and operational feasibility.

Paretos high-performance MOO (Multi-Objective Optimization) engine effectively searches for and finds optimal solutions, outperforming Facebook's BayesOpt and the world's most widely used Black Box Optimization, NSGA-II. Obtain your Pareto-optimal solutions within hours, not days.

Pareto-optimal solutions saving millions in costs

An optimization system that offers reliable forecasts and can be integrated into existing business processes enables companies to minimize their costs and maximize other factors. In addition to these benefits, numerous secondary gains, such as the decentralization of knowledge and the automation of labor-intensive processes, further enhance the system's value.

Seamless integration

Paretos can be integrated with a variety of data sources, saving hours of manual work and reducing critical risk factors and errors in data exchange.

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Our browser-based SaaS platform can be fully integrated into your existing tools, allowing you to quickly and adaptively harness the full potential of your existing models.