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Uncompromising performance

With its multidimensional approach, paretos sets new standards: Our optimization algorithm achieves better results than state-of-the-art solutions from tech giants like Facebook in a very short time.

Smarter than ever

Analysis from paretos can be applied to many different scenarios and analyze multiple variables simultaneously. This allows you to identify trade-offs between different solutions and choose the best option.

Exceptional solutions

Due to its multi-dimensional self-learning approach, paretos can detect more and better solutions to offer you options that you never knew existed. Compared with other AI applications, paretos allows you to achieve around four to five times more efficient results.

Faster results

Our algorithm finds meaningful solutions in less time, which leads to a significantly lower cost rate. When analyzing millions of potential solutions, speed can be a key differentiator for optimization and a real game changer for staying ahead of the competition.

Safe control

Based on the latest research in the field of uncertainty quantification, paretos shows you uncertainties associated with the selected prediction model and this allows you to assess more easily how trustworthy it is in different domains and, essentially, make more confident choices.

Cutting-edge technology Made in Germany

Our patented optimization approach surpasses the state of the art and achieves better results than algorithms from market-standard open-source packages.

Innovative optimization algorithm

Our patented optimization algorithm, "Socrates," achieves better results than existing AI systems. The success rate for optimal choices is 20-30 times higher. This ultra-precise matching is made possible by a "picker" layer that applies the right algorithms to the customer's problem.

Learning through experience

Our algorithm has been trained for tens of thousands of hours to automatically match the best suited models and optimizations for individual problems and data – and it constantly continues to evolve (known as reinforcement learning). Using numerous underlying comprehensive libraries of state-of-the-art AI models and optimizations, the paretos platform automatically selects and applies the most appropriate ones for your company data.

Seamless integration

Paretos can be integrated with a variety of data sources, saving hours of manual work and reducing critical risk factors and errors in data exchange.

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Our browser-based SaaS platform can be fully integrated into your existing tools, allowing you to quickly and adaptively harness the full potential of your existing models.

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