Increasing efficiency in day-to-day work of HR departments: How AI is revolutionizing modern HR work

The key to successful people-centric HR work always remains the same: efficient processes in order to have more time for the company's employees.

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August 16, 2023
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Regardless of the size of an HR department, whether its 30 people divided into several teams and hierarchy levels or a 1 (wo)man show - the key to successful people-centric HR work always remains the same: efficient processes to havemore time for what matters: the company's people!  

For a long time, HR professionals have been supported in this by modern HRIS systems, recruiting software, and other practical tools - but what if we could supplement our HR departments with a HR professional who is available 24/7, never stops generating new ideas, can develop entire emails, job descriptions and strategies within seconds, and that too in all areas of HR management, from recruiting to personal development? This is where artificial intelligence (AI) comes in, specifically, a tool called ChatGPT, that is ushering in a new era of efficiency in everyday HR. 

Efficient processes from recruiting to offboarding

The application areas of ChatGPT in HR management are manifold and offer a considerable increase in efficiency. The possibilities can be found in all areas of the employee lifecycle - the following are examples of possibilities that have already proven themselves in our HR work at paretos:

Talent Attraction & Recruiting

  • Preparation of the companies career page
  • Creation of requirement profiles incl. job postings
  • Development of tailored messages for active sourcing
  • Writing standard recruiting emails, e.g. after receipt of application or the invitation to an interview
  • Drafting of interview guidelines


  • Drafting the welcome e-mail
  • Designing the onboarding process
  • Developing a survey after onboarding


  • Brainstorming development formats, such as learning sessions
  • Developing skill matrices based on position and seniority
  • Writing coaching guides

Retention & Engagement

  • Creating employee surveys to gather feedback
  • Brainstorming on custom-fit employee appreciation opportunities
  • Develop retention initiatives based on the respective company culture and values
  • Writing policies, such as for remote work or employee benefits


  • Development of an appreciative offboarding process
  • Drafting of an offboarding checklist incl. related communication
  • Guidelines for the exit interview
  • Brainstorming on alumni retention initiatives

The possibilities do not end with the creation of a defined operative output - on the contrary, by properly using the so-called "prompts", the requirements given to ChatGPT, the software can also become a tool for creatively developing new approaches and entire strategies. For example, how about developing a Pay Philosophy & Strategy to fit a modern AI startup?  

Limitations of ChatGPT and hurdles to overcome

Despite the impressive possibilities and advantages that ChatGPT offers, there are also limits and hurdles that we must not lose sight of in everyday HR work. Starting from data privacy compliance to ethical concerns, especially stereotypical biases that can be found even in an AI.  

With all the infinite possible solutions that ChatGPT presents in seconds, it must also be remembered that the tool presents a solution even when it doesn't know one. It hallucinates, so to speak. Therefore, the motto is to always, without exception, subject every solution created by ChatGPT to a critical, human eye.

Moreover, in many situations, ChatGPT cannot replace human intuition and especially our empathy, e.g. in sensitive employee matters. It is therefore important to ensure a balanced integration of technology and humanity.

Balanced collaboration of AI & humans

Integrating AI into daily HR routine not only increases efficiency but also strengthens the human side of HR management. ChatGPT takes care of the tedious, repetitive tasks while HR professionals can use their time for personal interactions and empathetic employee care. The combination of efficiency and empathy is the key to a strong, human-centered HR department.

We are the leading AI-based decision intelligence platform for effective, data-driven decision-making processes in companies. No more bad decisions!
Nathalie Navidi
VP People
I am passionate about holistic human resources work, focusing on people and their needs as well as personal development to ensure the success of the company. Always under the premise of boosting efficiency in everything you do.

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